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Shopping in Bath


The pick of shopping in Bath The Telegraph travel guide has produced a list of some of the best places to visit whilst shopping in Bath. The full article can be found here.


Bath – Guardian travel guide


Bath travel guide. Bath has a lot to offer! There is always a new restaurant or shop tucked away down a quiet Georgian alley waiting to be discovered. In fact its because some of Baths treats are well hidden that they can be easily missed! The Guardian’s travel guide to


Bath – Hot property!


Bath property – hotter than ever! Whilst perusing the internet we stumbled across this interesting article regarding the Bath property market. The article dated 2010 details how Baths trademark Georgian architecture is one of the many reason why Baths property market is stronger than ever. Interestingly 2 years on nothing


Time to buy in Bath


Buying in Bath For a number of years now Bath has been a good place to invest in property, especially for Londoners looking to get a little more for their money. With the ever increasing price gap between the two cities, Bath is increasingly becoming a a very strong prospect.


Destination Bath


Time to move to Bath? Writing for the Guardian Tom Dyckhoff provides a top line break down of Bath – Boring? I dont think so, he obviously hasn’t sampled the fantastic restaurants, bars, theaters and more that Bath has to offer. The full article can be found here


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